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Ply / Fibro / Sheeting


Hardwood Exterior Ply - ABond
Sizes                              Thickness
2440 x 1220mm                3.6mm
2440 x 610mm                  6mm
1220 x 1220mm                9mm
1220 x 810mm                  12mm
1220 x 610mm                  15mm
810 x 610mm                    18mm

Exterior Radiata / Structural - ABond
Sizes                              Thickness
2400 x 1200mm                6.5mm   
2400 x 600mm                  9mm
1200 x 1200mm                12mm
1200 x 800mm                  15mm
1200 x 600mm                  17mm
800 x 600mm                    18mm
In both B/C and C/D Grade with other grades and sizes available on request.

Bracing Ply F22 - ABond
Sizes                              Thickness
2400 x 900mm                  4mm
2400 x 1200mm
2700 x 900mm
2700 x 1200mm
3000 x 900mm
3000 x 1200mm

Other sizes/grades available on Request.

Marine Ply - Hoop Pine AA - ABond
                    - Gaboon (Maple/Pacific Maple)
Size                              Thickness
2400 x 1200mm                3mm

Form Ply
Size                              Thickness                    Type
2400 x 1200                     12mm                    Film Face Ply
                                       17mm                    F17
                                       18mm                    Film Face Ply

Other grades available on request.

Bending Ply - ABond
Size                              Thickness
2400 x 1200mm                1.5mm

Bamboo Ply
Interior Ply
Aircraft Ply
Cosmetic/Decorative A Grade Face Ply

Fibro (Fibre Cement Products)

4.5mm / 6mm Fibre Cement
Suitable for Internal & External applications

6mm Recessed Edge Fibre Cement
Ideal for internal wet areas such as bathrooms and is the perfect substrate for tiling onto.
Also where seamless / flush finish is required, ie no visible joins

6mm Ceramic Tile Underlay
The perfect substrate for ceramic tiles that are to be layed over timber or chipboard flooring.

Compressed Fibre Cement
Ideal as a flooring product for wet areas as well as an external cladding / flooring.

7.5mm Woodgrain / Smooth fibre cement planking
An external cladding system.

The WallART Rezilience range of interior wall panelling is a cost effective alternative to painting and staining, and has been developed to suit both contemporary and traditional tastes in design. It lets you highlight or disguise architectural features, enhance your furniture or enlarge the look of your room (it is also great for hiding cracked walls or problem areas).

Hard wearing and stain resistant, WallART Rezilience is suitable for:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Compact living spaces
  • Reception areas
  • Hotels
  • High wear areas
  • Other residential or commercial projects
  • Caravans
  • Park homes
  • Motor homes
  • Annexes
  • Holiday cabins

It is suitable for the following applications:

  • Wall features
  • Dado walls
  • Feature walls
  • Entire rooms

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The WallART Linear Series is a wet area paneling solution available in a range of attractive colours and patterns.

Water Resistant

The Linear Series is double-sided and perfect for any indoor space that collects moisture, including the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and shower recess.


Made from high-pressure laminate it can withstand impact far greater than ceramic tiles, and will not chip, discolour or fade. Being non-porous allows it to perform even in humid conditions like shower recesses.


The Linear Series will not attract mould because it is grout-free. This also makes cleaning a breeze - simply wipe with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleanser.


The Linear Series offers you a range of attractive styles, from classic monochromes to contemporary patterns - all with joiners to match. Its streamlined finish makes it a versatile alternative to conventional tiles or splashbacks.

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Laminex® Aquapanel® is easy to work with and you can create a simple backdrop or make a statement with a minimum of fuss.

It’s the ideal home renovator’s wall surfacing material. Economical and durable, Laminex Aquapanel exceeds all the requirements for wet area wall surfaces including shower recesses and laundry walls.

Non-porous and grout free, Laminex Aquapanel is also easy to clean with general cleaning regimes in both domestic and commercial environments.

Laminex Aquapanel is available in a large selection of contemporary colours and finishes with colour coordinated fixing systems and silicones.

As you’d expect, Laminex Aquapanel is covered by the Laminex
7 year limited warranty* so your creation will be a lasting one.

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